Tips To Promote You Spas and Salons In Festive Season

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Holidays and festivals are an amazing excuse to get you a beauty session. These occasions are the booming time for beauty businesses like Spas and salons.  Lots are people are looking to give themselves a festive makeover or get a little pampering and care. This is probably the best time to attract loads of customers and sprint towards success. Your promotional offers and special discounts could be the means to lure them in. Here are some wonderful ways you could use your Spa management software and implement your festive promotions effectively.

Percentage discounts

This can be a great way to introduce discounts without hurting your own pockets and get the best of this festive season. By introducing percentage discounts on various services and for new clients you can actually get a lot of attention. For services that aren’t self-selling, percentage discounts are a Saviour. You could set levels in terms of value and offer a certain percentage discount based on these levels. Use your POS software for spa to make sure you don’t slash off the prices for the self-sealing services, as discounts wouldn’t make a difference.

Gift cards and vouchers

During festivals, people are looking for gifts that they can offer to their friends and special ones. Gift cards and vouchers are a wonderful way to market your brand and also attracting new clients. Prepare something pleasing and attractive, something that people would love to buy and gift to their friends. Research the market well before planning on services and deals you wish to offer for the gift cards. A Salon management software could help you with your study.

Invite them to a celebration

Festivals are meant to share happiness and smiles. This festive season, to attract new clients and building a strong bond, you can plan on throwing a small party for the new clients. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant affair, rather just a small celebration to connect and build a new relationship with your clients.

Email and media marketing

The best channels to market your business is reaching out directly to your clientèle. Sending out season greeting and wishes to your clients would serve multiple purposes – remind them that they are valuable to you and the special festive discount with the greetings would make lure them to your store for a session. Use your Spa Appointment Software to maintain a reliable Customer relationship management system, as well as use it for your advertising purposes.

Using partnerships

During holidays, everyone is looking for great offers. If you have good business relations with other businesses in different domains, like gift shops, restaurants etc., partnering with them to offer combo packages or something of that sort, it could be a beneficial deal for all. Look out for options and do conduct a market study for such plans.

Added services for loyal clients

Your existing clients would be used to loyalty bonuses and discounts, and offering these for the festive season may or may not excite them much. While you are offering discounts for new and other clients, make your loyal ones feel special by adding a free service to their package or by offering festive goodies (beauty product etc.) as a token of love. Your POS software for salons can help you identify the products your clients buy and need – and you could gift them the same.

Don’t just stick to offers and discounts and don’t forget to switch the festive mood yourself. Decorate your salon to the holiday them, put up displays, adding a holiday gift wrap for the products (ribbons, decorative paper, bag etc.), adding a festive touch to your services and more. Get creative and make your clients remember your salon this holiday season.

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 Tips To Promote You Spas And Salons In Festive Season
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Tips To Promote You Spas And Salons In Festive Season
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Tips To Promote You Spas And Salons In Festive Season.Percentage discounts, Gift cards and vouchers, Invite them to a celebration,Email and media marketing, Using partnerships, Added services for loyal clients.

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