How Using Tablet POS Can Improve Customer Experience and Boost Tips

Eating out has always been one of the favoured options for any business meeting or for any kind of celebration. With digitalization taking a greater role in any venture’s marketing strategy; it is increasingly becoming vital for a restaurant to use POS software for towards transforming into a POS restaurant. The restaurateur can improve the customer experience and increase the tips using these POS restaurant app and software.

Improves Customer Experience

The various apps seconds as a client management system not only simplifies the order taking process, the smooth transition of the order from the customer’s table to the kitchen eliminates chances of any error committed while taking it physically. It also helps in taking valuable feedbacks from the visitor and hence increases the CRM benefits.

Showcases offers for the customers

Customer Loyalty Platform

With the customer loyalty programs, one can attract new and retain the existing customers. Offers like discounts on a certain amount of order, or explicit menus for special occasions are bound to draw more visitors to a restaurant. These programs can be customized to specific occasions when the customers are expected to celebrate. It not only helps in increasing the sale but also makes the customer happier.

Makes the customers feel special

Everyone loves little appreciation in the form of exclusive treatment offered to only a few. When someone is a regular at any eatery, a loyalty program is something which would make him dedicated to that particular joint. With the loyalty card app, a customer can keep a record of all these points and can easily redeem them whenever he/she desires.

Increases the table turns

With the enhanced facility of the customers placing orders through the tablet POS, the server can wait increased number of tables at a time which not only increases his/her efficiency in less span of time but also enhances his/her chances of securing more tips from more number of customers served.

Puts little pressure

While providing feedback or tips through the tablet POS, the customer feels minimum pressure from the server who otherwise used to stand near or next to the table. The client no longer needs to feel compelled to write a better feedback or give bigger tip or feel guilty of providing a negative response or lesser tip.

Offers simplicity

The apps also offer simplicity in putting tips in the form of customized tip slots such as 10, 15 or 25% tipping options. The customer can select the slot of the choice and swipe the card against it. It helps in getting rid of the hassle of carrying appropriate change or of tipping over or less than the intended amount.

Help improve customer relation

Help improve customer relation

The knowledge collected and provided by the apps help in improving the CRM customer service. As a restaurateur, when you have the knowledge of the preferences and liking of your customers, you can customize the menu to suit the majority and also make appropriate food order suggestions to them as per their taste.

There are numerous apps for the restaurant owners using which they can increase the efficiency of their business and collect the customer feedbacks to increase the tips for their waiting staff. They can either get it custom made from a developer or make use of the restaurant pos software free available on the internet.


5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
How Using Tablet POS Can Improve Customer Experience and Boost Tips
5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
How Using Tablet POS Can Improve Customer Experience and Boost Tips
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How Using Tablet POS Can Improve Customer Experience and Boost Tips. Improves Customer Experience,Showcases offers for the customers, Makes the customers feel special, Increases the table turns, Puts little pressure.

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