An Insight into Online Ordering Habits of your Customers

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It is the era of cell phone revolution and it will stay for generations. The importance of smartphones in people’s lives is growing every day. Thus, it is paramount to grab the opportunity of growing your restaurant business online. What if you get a smart app that can deliver promotional offers, schemes and lightning deals to your customers or collect customer data about the food they prefer. You can achieve all these creative concepts by using mobile loyalty app or mobile friendly website for a booming business.

But, to increase your sales through online ordering, it is important to know about the online ordering habits of your customers. Let us give you an insight.

Online Ordering Stats

It is of utmost importance to first get acquainted with the online ordering statistics of the restaurants today. According to a study, 1 in 4 customers has at least one restaurant app that they use for online ordering food. It is also a known fact that two-thirds of people who usually dine out for 8-10 times a week use restaurant mobile apps. Also, customers aging from 25-35, also known as Millenials, are the biggest lot of crowd that search for restaurants online.

Online Ordering provides you with insights

Online ordering systems with the help of pos systems for restaurant can help you predict customers orders based on past orders. With these systems, you can improve your customer service and satisfaction since they allow you to take online and offline feedback surveys and increase your customer loyalty with the help of CRM.

Online Ordering through Social Media Platform

Social media channel can be used by your restaurant to offer online order. You can also use social media for checking out the public pages of restaurant pos system. These software have powerful features such as Menu Management, Inventory Management, Electronic Receipts, CRM, Online Payments – everything you need for running a restaurant successfully.

Phone Call Ordering is long gone

Gone are the days where customers used to wait on hold for your restaurant to take their orders. The world is moving at a fast pace and thus online ordering is the latest trend nowadays. Due to the popularity of online ordering, you can increase your customer base extensively.

Repeat Customers are precious

Online Ordering makes your customers happy and satisfied and thus they come back for more. They are likely to order more and you will need to make sure that they get the best. You can assure that by using restaurant point of sale systems which provide you with cloud-based solutions to help you serve your customers, build your menu by uploading images, increase table turnover, split bills and all that gives your customer the greatest possible service every time they visit.

Online Ordering Apps

Your restaurant can offer delicious delicacies not only on websites but also to a dedicated mobile application. Apps allow customers to create accounts and thus provide you with their valuable contact information. To top it up a notch, you can take the help of a restaurant pos system to manage inventory, configure floor based pricing, get details about the customer’s home deliveries and takeaways and receive a delivery status of your orders instantly.

Online Ordering is equivalent to Loyalty

Online ordering systems allow you to quickly and easily offer loyalty programs to your customers such as app loyalty cards that provide you with a method to predict the orders of your customers. These apps can monitor, analyse and report the activities of your regular customers. Your regular customers are your best customers – Loyalty is crucial in any restaurant business.

Mobile phones are the part and parcel of your customers’ lives – they text, use apps, chat and search things online, order food, book tables using them, so it is important to optimize your website for mobiles. And by using restaurant POS, you can manage all your orders, update your website, manage inventory and boost your profit. So both mobile friendly websites and POS system can do magic for your restaurants.

Not only restaurants but even other industries are now using POS systems and mobile friendly sites for increasing the efficiency, and one such industry is spa industry. Many spa use spa scheduling,  spa appointment software and mobile friendly websites for giving best and comfortable services to their client.

5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
An Insight into Online Ordering Habits of your Customers
5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
An Insight into Online Ordering Habits of your Customers
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An Insight into Online Ordering Habits of your Customers - Online Ordering Stats, Online Ordering provides you with insights, Online Ordering through Social Media Platform, Phone Call Ordering is long gone, Repeat Customers are precious, Online Ordering Apps, Online Ordering is equivalent to Loyalty.

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