7 Ways To Prepare Your Restaurant For The Holiday Season


Holidays are around the corner and there is a lot to plan. Have you started with all the preparations? If not, it is high time that you do, since for the next few months you are going to be very busy with your restaurant. For executing all the plans in a single shot, you need a small business CRM that lets you manage the sales, marketing, point-of-sale (POS), accounting etc. in the rush hours of your restaurant. Holidays are the time of the year where you have the chance to increase your revenue and thus you need to be prepared.

Let us walk you through top 7 ways to prepare your restaurant for the holidays this year.

Time to bring out New Specials

It is the holiday season and everybody is enjoying these days. To make these holidays special for your customers, you can bring out the ‘Holiday Specials’ that are more expensive than the normal platter. When people are out celebrating, they don’t tend to look at the prices – so it is your good shot to earn. Moreover, since there is a lot of rush in the holidays to bring out the perfect specials, you can use the order management feature of POS system restaurant that offers online and mobile menu kiosks that are off the counter for easy access.

Check the Dinnerware for your restaurant

It is the holiday season and you are more like to get a wave of customers in your restaurant – you don’t want them to wait for the clean dishes. Thus, you need to manage your inventory to keep track of the stock levels of all the dinnerware like plates, trays, bowls, dishes, spoons, forks etc. with automated control using restaurant point of sale systems. Also, there is a lot of rush and thus people tend to break the dinnerware and flatware, so be aware to re-stock your inventories.

Special Discounts or Vouchers for the loyal customers

Holiday celebration in restaurants attracts a lot of attention as people are out for fun. You can use this to your advantage and offer discounts & vouchers specially designed for the holiday period. Many customer loyalty programs offer rewards, gift cards, discounts and vouchers for the return customers. These programs are an excellent way to keep your satisfied customers come back for more.

Advertise the Holiday Season through Social Media

You can advertise your restaurant’s holiday specials through the social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. There are many best POS system for a restaurant that offers social media integration to make everything easier. You can share updates and monitor your social media pages through the system which saves your time.

Identify the peak period in your restaurant

You can use previous information and records about holiday seasons in your restaurant to target customers when it becomes particularly busy. You can target these customers with the help of POS for restaurants that focus on quick services. Also, you can keep special events in this period with the help of these systems.

Provide training to your staff

You need to train your staff carefully so that they have a sound knowledge about the holiday specials and the stocks of wine and beer in your restaurant. The special atmosphere provided by the decorations done by staff will attract a pool of crowd to your restaurant. Your staff can make use of table management facilities of bar pos system like tablets and handheld devices that provide a visual layout of the table and also increase server efficiency. To manage the increasing number of customers, these systems offer bill splitting, colour-coded timers to track the status of a table and also manage the wait-list.

Staying in touch with the community

The holiday season is time to give others. One of the best CRM for small business offer strategies such as partnering with other businesses to create a wonderful experience for a lifetime. For example, if you are having a lunch special and there is a movie theatre nearby is a great pair for the holiday. You can partner with such nearby businesses and communities to increase your sales.

With proper planning and efforts, your restaurant will be ready to make a blast these holidays. The loyalty program such as the holiday specials and “on the house” helps you out to increase your base of customers in the celebratory period. When you have your loyal customers visiting your restaurant, you need to train your staff well accordingly for the busiest time of the year. Make these holidays the most profitable for your restaurant by keeping the above simple things in mind.

5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
7 Ways To Prepare Your Restaurant For The Holiday Season
5 Best POS System for Restaurant in NJ
7 Ways To Prepare Your Restaurant For The Holiday Season
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7 Ways To Prepare Your Restaurant For The Holiday Season.Time to bring out New Special, Check the Dinnerware for your restaurant, Special Discounts or Vouchers for the loyal customers, Advertise the Holiday Season through Social Media, Identify the peak period in your restaurant, Provide training to your staff.

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