Smart PoS System

To Grow your Restaurant Business

Why look at a new PoS?

Even if you already have a PoS, the TrueKonnects Pos is a "Smart" investment. It works 24x7 to bring back your customers, streamline your operations and improve your profit margins.

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Restaurant POS Software

New Jersey that is famous for its tourist places witnesses many visitors on daily basis. By using restaurant management system in New Jersey, you can efficiently manage your local customers as well as tourists who want to taste delicacies of New Jersey.

But, managing a restaurant is not just about serving delicious dishes, there are many things you need to take care of to manage and attract customers to your restaurant. Proper marketing to attract customers, giving best service, and maintaining good customer relationships, is important for business success.

At TrueKonnects, we offer services of POS restaurant software to our customers to help them grow their business. Our POS software is all in one software which has features like online orders, table reservation, wait list management, online marketing using social media, best deals & coupons, reviews, CRM, and create a new website. Call us to know more about it.



Whether a customer makes an online order through your website, or calls you to place the order, you can track all of them on one single system. The orders are linked to your PoS system automatically, so you do not have to enter your order again. The system is SMART enough to link the orders to customer profiles and reward points to the customers automaticall, while suggesting menu items based on their past history of orders. Now that is SMART!


Receive table reservations and appointments from your website directly into your PoS system. You can also add reservations for customers who call you, and enable the "WAIT-LIST" during busy times. Your customers will be kept up to date on their upcoming reservations through emails and SMS messages, so that you do not have to worry about losing anyone or over-booking. The system is driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to manage the reservations, so you can have complete peace of mind.



STOP EMAIL & SMS MARKETING. The TrueKonnects system interacts with your customers on your behalf and keeps them coming back to your business. The loyalty points and rewards are tracked automatically for every purchase made by your consumers. When the system detects a relevant customer event such as a Birthday, Anniversary, or Absence from your business for a certain duration, an automatic email or SMS is generated for the customer to keep them engaged. Now that is INTELLIGENCE!

More Features

We got your back!!!

Customer Engagement

Keep your customers engaged and connected to your business at all times.

Campaign Manager

Create and monitor marketing campaigns through a single platform.

Loyalty Management

Increase your repeat business and keep your customer coming back for more.

Analytics & Reports

Powerful analytics to give you a 360 degree view of your business at all times.

Rewards Manager

Reward your most loyal customers to thank them for their repeat business.

Targeted Marketing

Save your time and money by using targeted marketing built into the platform.

Some of Our Happy Clients

We ensure the success of each and every client, because one successful client using our platform refers us to at least 10 other clients who need our platform. More than 90% of our clients are through referrals alone and we would like to keep it that way.



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