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Hair Salons, Nail Salons & SPAs

An Appointment based solution is just not enough when it comes to growing your salon & SPA business. This business is very unique and should not be confused with a retail or restaurant business. The customer base expects a lot of attention, and continuous engagement to increase repeat business

This is why we built a platform specially designed for your business, to help you get started and be successful. With the TrueKonnects platform, you no longer have to sign up with multiple vendors for online appointments, loyalty programs, marketing solutions, review management, staff management or business operations management. TrueKonnects is the ONLY platform in the market that allows you run your business end to end through a single platform

Some Of Our Works

True Konnects offers wide range of interacting websites to focus your work with key skills that improves the productivity for your work and industry.
True Konnects can help companies by designing their online website based customer support system - help manuals, user trainings, video guides, and self-assistance mechanism for the user to use the software.


Full Site

GOlden Oak SPA

Full Site

La Bella SPA

Full Site

Quan Spa

Full Site

Matias Day SPA

Full Site


Full Site

What the plan includes

A LOT OF STUFF. Our primary goal is to provide you everything you need in a single package, so that you can track your restaurant's performance at all levels, and understand your customer's needs. So, instead of charging you for every service (Website, Online Appointments, CRM, Loyalty Management and so on), we charge you a small monthly fees to get access to all these modules in a single package.

Integrating all these services into a single platform, also makes the platform extremely powerful, because now it can relate the customer's behavior and buying patterns across multiple channels, and better engage them to turn them into loyal customers.

Pricing for your TrueKonnects Loyalty Platform

Our pricing is very simple and straightforward just like our platform. Pick up the pricing plan that best suits your needs and start growing your loyal customer base without the hassle. The platform is designed to learn over time, and generate more repeat business for you, while you focus on your core business.

Monthly Plan

(Paid Monthly)

$399 Setup Fees

Annual Plan

(Paid Upfront)

$199 Setup Fees


Two Year Plan

(Paid Upfront)

$199 Setup Fees

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