Grow your business with Loyal Customers

Support for your Business

TrueKonnects is an equivalent of a full-time employee that tracks your customers, creates their detailed profiles, rewards them, and communicates with them on an on-going basis through email, SMS, Social Media, based on well calculated decisions.

How it works?

The TrueKonnects is an easy to install platform, which takes less than 30 minutes to set up. It tracks more than 500 different attributes to power its machine learning algorithms and mature into an intelligent equivalent of a full-time employee for you.

Track customers

The platform tracks all your customer visits and stores their information and behavior patterns. The platform keeps an account of your top customers.

Engage Customers

The platform automatically communicates with your customer on your behalf and tracks their responses to understand their sentiment about your brand and services.

Manage Campaigns

TrueKonnects keeps a track of all campaigns (Deals, Coupon, Rewards), and compares their performance over time to make decisions on which campaigns worked and which ones did not.

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