Tips to Increase Repeat Customers for Your Spa Business

It takes a lot of efforts and money to increase your customer base than retaining your existing customers and quadrupling your profits. There is Spa Management Software which calculates your business growth due to your repeat customers as well as the new customers. As per the findings, 67% of the repeat customers are more likely to spend more than the new customers. Moreover, customer retention is the major cause of growth in the Spa & Salon industry.

Let us have a look at the ways by which you can grow your spa business with the help of customer retention.

Offering a Loyalty Program

Offering a Loyalty Program

There is Salon management software which offer loyalty programs to encourage your customers to keep coming back. A loyalty program is one of the best tips for customer retention. This includes loyalty cards which offer discount prices, offers, free gifts and many more.

Get feedback after customer’s visit

Get feedback after customer’s visit

The best moment to ask your customer for feedback is when they are ready to leave your spa after getting their usual treatment. You can also ask them to do so when they are making the payment. Feedbacks can help you to know whether the customers are happy with the treatment and if there is any scope of improvement. You can solve their issues right on the spot so that they come back again with a bright smile.

Collect data about your customers – the retention numbers

Collect data about your customers

Whenever you are working your way towards growing your repeat customer base, you need to collect data and analyze customer behavior with the help of POS software for spa. POS can be used to collect the customer’s contact information, purchase records, most-purchased records etc. This can help you to plan out your marketing strategies for your goals of customer retention.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

By collecting the e-mail addresses of every customer that enters in your spa or salon, you can make sure that you retain your relationship with them. You can use the features of e-mail marketing to do so. You can send regular e-mails to them by telling them about the latest offers and discounts on treatments as well as products.

Using the Social Media

Using the Social Media

There is POS software for salons which can help you to create your spa or salon’s website and integrate social media to it. When you use social media, it can open the doors of customer service to get an insight about your regular customers. There are many social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. by which you can reach out your customers.

Bringing new technology to your spa

When your spa brings in new technology and processes and focuses on maximum utilization, it ensures flexibility in the services which thereby attract the repeat customers for more treatments and appointments. For instance, there is chrome therapy technology which makes your customer feel like they are rolling in the ocean waves with the help of beds on which heated water mattresses are laid down and the LED displays.

Managing the spa appointments with utmost care

Enhancement In Customer Loyalty And Satisfaction

The first impression lies in the booking of appointments with your customers on online platforms. It is that one appointment that decides whether you can retain this customer for future spa treatments or not. With the advent of Spa Appointment Software, it is now easier to manage the appointments. It also provides live chat systems so that you can help them if they have any doubts.

Now that you are aware of the ways by which you can grow your spa business with the help of customer retention, you start by investing your time in choosing a Spa Scheduling Software for your business. This software can help you to schedule appointments with your repeat customers online and locate the clients near you. It is believed that 5% of the repeat customers can boost your business sales from 65% to 95%. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above tips and there you go!

Tips to Increase Repeat Customers for Your Spa Business
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Tips to Increase Repeat Customers for Your Spa Business
Tips to Increase Repeat Customers for Your Spa Business.Offering a Loyalty Program,Get feedback after customer’s visit,Collect data about your customers – the retention numbers,E-mail Marketing, Using the Social Media,Bringing new technology to your spa,Managing the spa appointments with utmost care,
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